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How do I track my order?Updated 5 months ago

Track Your Order Here

We want to make sure you can find your package/s at all times! Once you've received a shipment email with the tracking number for your order, you can click on the tracking link in the email to locate the shipment. If your order was shipped in 2 packages, you'll have the option to track both shipments from the same link. 

We'll also send you email & SMS updates as your package moves through the postal route, to make sure you know when to expect it!

If you are shopping from outside of the US, your order will be passed on to an internal postal service once it reaches your country, according to standard delivery procedures. At that point, sometimes a new, local tracking number is issued. Tracking with the local tracking number will give you accurate shipping updates.

To find the local tracking number:

Search for your order on the DHL Global website using the tracking number in the shipment email you received from us. There you will find the local tracking number.

Where to find your new tracking number on the DHL page:
On a mobile device, you'll find the new number beneath the tracking updates. Copy & paste the new number into the local shipper's website, or track here.

If you need any assistance tracking your order, give us a call at 1-877-957-2883, email us, or chat with us live!

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