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Will I have to deal with customs?Updated a year ago

Shopping from a country outside of the US? We're happy to help!
We do our very best to make sure Calypsa orders are not stopped by the Customs offices in different countries. However, Customs policies vary between countries, and your package may incur a fee regardless of our efforts. Unfortunately, if your internationally shipped package is delayed by customs, you will be responsible for releasing the package and paying the Customs duties. Calypsa will not reimburse you for customs fees. 

Customers shopping from Canada: Calypsa does not charge duties for items that are manufactured in the U.S. or Canada. Items that are imported or made in any other country will have a duties charge based on the country of origin.

For some international locations we offer a shipping option that includes customs fees. If this is available to your location, you'll see a message in the checkout cart!


Questions? Give us a call at 1-877-957-2883, email us, or chat with us live, and we'd be happy to help!


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